Our mission is to provide your child the opportunity to explore their creativity and learn through the arts in a creative, challenging, and nurturing environment!

At GMG Academy of the Arts we believe in integrating technology in your child's education process. GMG uses digital pianos, computers, digital music composition, MP3's and MIDI technology to enhance each student's understanding and creativity. The technology is used to supplement and enhance each child's learning experience.


The arts have played a vital role in not only the overall direction of GMG, but also in raising awareness of the importance of music and arts education. GMG continues to form partnerships with other youth serving organizations and businesses to make programs available through strong community collaborations.

At GMG we believe in educating our students and have adopted the best practices of music teaching studios, universities and both private and public schools to create its core curriculum, the GMG Music System. This allows students the opportunity to learn through sight-reading, ear training, music theory, music history, technique, transcription, arranging, composition, improvisation, production and performance through the use of technology and quality instruction.


We inspire students to not only become well-rounded in their principle art form, but also well-rounded individuals. We believe that art education transcends their artistic ability, but that the disciplines of learning an art form becomes evident in the character of our students. We teach them that the transformation begins with them!


Our goal is to foster confidence and creativity in our students by providing them with the tools to become successful individuals. We provide opportunities for older students to tutor/mentor younger students, participate in volunteer programs and in our work-study program. We welcome our homeschool community to participate in our various programs and we can even offer classes during the day!

GMG offers various programs for students as young as 4 years old through the age of 18. With dedicated staff, state of the art equipment and our innovative approach we hope to transform lives and our community through art education!


Our instructors are well verse in knowledge and performance. Our instructors and staff believe in being committed! We look for the commitment from GMG students and parents, as we are committed to provide each student with an experience that will last them a lifetime!