Frequently asked questions

How old do you being accepting students and what instruments do you offer?

At GMG we accept students at the age of 4 years old in piano and drums with an assessment and 7-18 in piano, voice, guitar and drums.

Does my child have to have an instrument at home in order to be a member of GMG?

Yes, all students must have an instrument at home in order to attend GMG Academy of the Arts. This helps the student apply what they've learned in class to their at home practice regiment. If your child wants to play piano, a simple keyboard will do. If starting with drums, a practice pad and sticks is enough. For guitarists, a quality beginner guitar can cost as little as $100. If you have questions about what to purchase, please feel free to contact the office at 803-728-3399.

How do I know if GMG Academy of the Arts is for my child?

We understand that GMG is not for every student and every student is not for GMG. We know that there are a lot of activities such as dance, sports, after school programs and much more in which students are involved in. Because of our intense music program and collegiate musical atmosphere we recommend that students are those with a high level of interest in music, have potential (whether tapped or untapped) and have highly supportive parents who value music education. We have seen that these students are the ones who tend to excel in their playing ability and receive the most from GMG.

Do students have to audition to enroll in music classes?

No. Students do not have to audition to enroll in core classes or electives, however because we have limited space in each program when a student first enrolls they are on what we call a three month performance period. This means that if the student is showing a lack of interest and is not progressing at a reasonable pace we will meet with the parent to discuss why this may be happening and how both GMG and the parent can help the student.

Do students have opportunities to perform?

Yes! Students have opportunities to showcase their talent throughout the year through community performances. We also have two major recitals a year, the Winter Music Celebration and our Annual Music Celebration concert usally held in May.

What is your discipline policy?

We have a no-tolerance discipline policy. If a student is being disruptive during class they will be presented with a warning sheet in which their parent or guardian must sign acknowledging that they were informed of their child’s behavior. After three warnings the child is dismissed from GMG. Other options may be considered, but only upon the discretion of the director.

What is GMG's mission?

At GMG our mission is simple, to invest in our students. We beleive that by doing so our students grow into not only amazing musicians, but amazing citizens of our community!

Do you offer Summer Camp options?

Yes, we do offer weekly summer camps for students ages 7-16. Be sure to check our out Summer Camp page!

What elective classes do you offer?

In addition to offering our core instrument classes of piano, guitar, drums and voice, we also offer the following elective classes: Band Collaboration Studio Production Digital Beats Digital Photography Videography GMG Drumline Keyboard Ensamble Songwriting


Below are our Frequently Asked Questions, but feel free to contact us below with additional questions!