Available Online, In-Person,
and Self-Paced (Coming Soon)


YMU offers classes in piano, guitar, drums, and voice for students ages 7-18 and Little Music Essentials for your youngest musician ages 4-6.  Whether students are learning virtually, in-person, or enroll in one of YMU's upcoming self-paced courses, we provide our students with a firm musical foundation.  The Young Musician's University has adopted the best practices of music teaching studios, universities, and both private and public schools to create our core curriculum, the YMU Music System. This allows students the opportunity to learn through sight-reading, ear training, music theory, music history, technique, transcription, arranging, composition, improvisation, production, and performance, through the use of technology and quality instruction.

Qualities of a Successful YMU Student: 

Music Education is a wonderful experience with benefits that will last a lifetime. We have found that there are certain characteristics that contribute to a student's success in their pursuit of music education at YMU.

1. Supportive Parents

2. A Desire to Learn

3. Students are not overloaded in other extracurricular activities