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Confessions of a Music Mom


   Hello! My name is Mrs. Gray, and this is my confession of a music mom. I am reading a couple of pretty interesting books and it's either reaffirming thoughts that I already have about a person's musical journey and/or opening me up to new perspectives. I've always seen taking music lessons as a journey, but one of the books expounds more upon this fact and says that it's more like a companion in a long term relationship. It specifically speaks on how through music lessons parents have the opportunity to teach their children the characteristics of maintaining a long-term relationship or anything that takes commitment such as a career and so on. This, of course, garnered my attention because as I reflected upon our daughter's musical journey, I can see where she's learned qualities such as commitment, communication, and even trust. 

     The author also speaks highly of the importance of parental involvement during this journey because a child simply doesn't know how to maintain or engage in a long term relationship. I also see this as true, because there were many times where Kierra wanted to give up and quit, but I had to make the decision as her parent to work through those moments with her, just as you would talk and work through problems in a marriage or a friendship. It wasn't that she hated music and wanted nothing to do with it anymore, she was just having moments in her "relationship" where it was challenging. That's actually normal now that I look at it. Every relationship has its challenges, but it's the ones that remain committed that end up enduring through the hard spots.  

     If you are a current GMG parent and are interested in reading this book I will be happy to send it to you! Who knows, you might have a few confessions yourself!

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