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Confessions of a Music Mom: 5 Ways I Helped My Child Succeed in E-Learning

The end of the school year certainly took us all by surprise. Now here we are with a new school year approaching, but the challenges of e-Learning continue. The good news is that with a little support and intentionality your child can be successful!

Although my daughter graduated already, I've had plenty of experience with e-Learning. From the 6th grade through her 12th-grade year, our daughter was enrolled in a virtual school. Her reason for wanting to transition from traditional education to e-Learning was the opportunity to focus more of her time towards her musical endeavors. Her father and I agreed, thus beginning our e-Learning experience. 

Tip #1: Make a schedule. Good time-management is the key to success in any e-Learning environment. Kierra's school had live virtual classes that she would have to attend in combination with self-paced lessons that she was responsible for completing. So the first thing I would recommend is to set up a daily schedule with your child. Allow them to be involved in the development of their schedule so that they can take ownership of it. We scheduled everything including breakfast, lunch, and a snack. Kierra made sure that she made time to practice her music as well as have free time. We had a schedule on the fridge and Kierra kept an agenda book with her schedule in it where she would notate her to-do list and important due dates. 

Tip #2: Socialize, socialize, socialize. I know we are in the midst of a pandemic, but kids are very much social beings, just like most adults. Doing everything from home can sometimes get boring so I would suggest scheduling meetups with their friends, attend your church's youth group meetings, get together with other family members and other activities that would allow your child to be social with his/her peers. 

Tip #3: Physical Activity. Sometimes we can get caught up in exercising our brains, but balance is very important. Allowing your child time in their schedule for physical activity is very important for their focus and overall health. Can you imagine being a child without the opportunity to run or release all of your stored up energy? This could be a good time to bond with your child and go for a walk or participate in a shared physical activity. 

Tip 4: Ask Questions. Make sure that you are in communication with your child's teacher and ask questions. It's okay not to know everything, but it's not okay to ignore something because you don't understand it. This is a wonderful opportunity to model good communication for your child. I must admit that there was a great deal of work that my daughter had to do, and the only way I could help her was to ask her teacher questions. 

Tip 5: Create a learning space. It's very important to create a space for your child designated for learning. This doesn't have to be another room, it just needs to be a clutter-free, stationary space without distractions. For example, for Kierra, we simply converted the kitchen table into a learning space. We made sure that the TV remained off to limit distractions and when it was time to eat, we'd put away the school supplies and use it again as a kitchen table.

I wish you the best this academic year as you prepare your home for an amazing e-Learning experience for your child!

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