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Confessions of a Music Mom

In all of the years of operating GMG, facing a global pandemic has never crossed my mind. However, today it’s become a reality. The staff at GMG has been meeting, researching and brainstorming the most effective ways to deliver quality remote learning to our students. To help them reach their weekly practice goals, we’ve made our online music lesson component complete with additional resources and new technology. At GMG, we believe that we can still ensure that our students receive a quality music education even from a distance.

I must be honest though, not being able to see our students in person during this time has been highly missed. That’s the mom in me, but there’s always a rainbow after a storm. Due to the development of our new online music program, GMG now welcomes students from outside the state of South Carolina, from Chicago to Los Angeles! We are so thrilled to be able to offer online lessons in piano, voice, guitar, and drums to students from virtually anywhere. GMG already offers a blended approach, but now with COVID-19, we are ensuring that our music program is not only effective for our local students, but also for students from all over the nation!

As a mom, I know the questions that can cross your mind about online lessons. I have to reflect back on my daughter's high school experience of participating in virtual learning. She was very successful and graduated top of her class. However, even at a high school level, her dad and I found ourselves being involved in her education. The honest truth is that we can tell the difference in a student's progress when parents aren’t involved. I believe at the end of the day, whether a student uses remote or in-person learning, our presence as parents is essential and makes all the difference in our children’s success no matter how they’re learning. I know that GMG's online music program will be successful because of the partnership we have with not only our students and staff, but our amazing GMG parents!

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