Confessions of a Music Mom

As a parent of a child who's taken music lessons from a very young age, there were times during our daughter's musical journey that I found myself asking her this question, "Do you really want to do this?" If your child has been involved in music for any length of time you may have even found yourself asking your child this question as well. It was always in the moments when she wasn't practicing, grasping a concept, or seemed disinterested. That seemed like the question to ask, and to be honest I was probably a little frustrated in the process too, but it seemed to be such a valid question at the moment.

However, what honestly helped me become the support she needed during these "valley" experiences was changing my perspective towards her musical journey. First, I had to understand that it's going to be a musical journey, so that means it's a marathon, not a race. The second thing I had to understand was that learning a musical instrument requires a long term commitment. The best relationships are those that endure through thick and thin. The third thing I had to learn was that she is going to need me to be her cheerleader and help her navigate through this journey. Besides, I had much more experience of what makes a great relationship than she did. A great relationship will have high points, but also these "valley" experiences, and the same goes for a relationship with music. I had to not only celebrate her when she was breezing through her lessons but also encourage her to keep persevering when things got challenging. 

So, I don't know if I'm the only parent who found myself frustrated when it came to my child's music lessons, but things changed when I became more involved and decided that this is not only her journey but a piece of mine as well.

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