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GMG Alumni accepted to play on High School Band

GMG Alumni, Alex Drakes, has been accepted to play on the Blythewood High School Marching Band. This is a great accomplishment considering that he is still in middle school. Mr. Burbank, Associate Director of Bands and Director of Percussion extended a unique opportunity for Alex to perform as an 8th-grade member of the Blue Legion Marching Band. He mentioned that Alex has been a standout musician in his middle school program and is one of only a few 8th-grade musicians from across the district recommended for this honor.

Alex started playing drums at GMG when he was 5 years old and went on to become one of the original members of the GMG Drumline. When Alex first began his musical journey at GMG he wrote this statement: "I love music and I like making beats with my drums. I love playing the drums at home and I want to learn more music and create beats of my own. I hope to play in a church or band someday." 

Parental involvement has always been an essential ingredient to the success of GMG students and his parents have supported him throughout his musical journey. When Alex first began, his parents, Al and Lisa Drakes, said, "We are so excited for this appointed season in Alex’s life to be a part of GMG. Since three years old, Alex has been making beats at home with books, pots, pans, or any object that would make a sound. We later purchased a junior drum set for Alex and he has been drumming and creating beats since. As parents, we are always actively involved in Alex’s endeavors and extracurricular activities. Our presence is very strong in the lives of our children and we support Alex spiritually, academically, athletically, and now musically."

His parents went on to say, "We have been praying with Alex and we are very excited about all that he will learn. We trust that GMG, along with his God-given talents will teach him the beauty and the gifts of being musically inclined. We can assure you that Alex will give 100% while in class and we will make sure he gives 100% while at home. Thank you in advance for educating and enlightening Alex with the joyful sounds of music. We look forward to witnessing the growth and fulfillment that Alex will achieve from GMG."

Alex has certainly achieved his goals and continues to make great strides with his music. All of us at GMG are very proud of his accomplishments and we know that he will continue to have great success! 

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