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GMG Student Spotlight: Gabby Lloyd

     Congratulations to Gabby Lloyd for being chosen as GMG's Student of the Month for October! Her piano instructor, Kierra Gray, nominated her because of her outstanding performance and attitude. Kierra says, "Gabby has been one of my most consistent students in piano. She's attentive in class, she's a good listener, and she's a team player. Gabby can be a jokester for sure, but when it's time to get serious about practicing she turns in all of her assignments. Gabby's always up for a challenge. She's progressing very well, and I'm proud to call her my student."

     Gabby and her family have recently moved to Columbia from Korea and she has been taking lessons with GMG since May 2019. She has also participated in GMG's Summer Music Academy where her band worked together for 4 weeks to put on two concerts in our community! Not only can Gabby play the piano, she can also sing and has a love for dance! We are very happy to have her and her family as part of the GMG Family!!! Once again, Congratulations to Gabby Lloyd for her outstanding accomplishments in music!

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