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GMG Student Spotlight: Jaden Campbell

Congratulations to Jaden Campbell, who has earned GMG’s “Student Spotlight” for the month of October!

His piano instructor, Mr. Gray said, "Jaden has truly grown in a variety of ways over this past year. He is a perfect example of perseverance and hard work. It has not always been easy learning new concepts and techniques while still doing homework and being involved in other activities." Jaden is not only Octobers Student of the Month, but he along with his twin brother Joshua, are also members of the GMG Drumline, were selected to the Tri-District Arts Consortium, as well as both brothers were selected to be apart of the South Carolina Philharmonic Youth Orchestra. Not bad for a student who has started taking music classes at GMG at the age of 4. Now at the age of 13, Jaden and his twin brother are reaping the benefits of consistency, hard work, and a great support system. 

Mr. Gray also said, "I must give a shoutout to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Campbell, as well. Jaden and his parents are perfect examples of the Triangle Approach that we speak about here at GMG. It takes all three to make this work. It takes the Student, the Parents or Guardians, and the Instructor. I would inform Jaden and Mr. Campbell of the home assignment each week and Mr. Campbell would make sure that Jaden would complete it. This does not mean that Jaden would master every concept within the week, but he would practice every task. If they had any trouble, they wouldn't wait until the last minute to inform me. I would receive a phone call or email through our learning management system, or a text to the school's phone number. I genuinely appreciate this approach. As an instructor, I truly cannot do it alone. It honestly does take all three of us working cohesively together towards the goal of learning an instrument." 

Our student spotlights recognize students who are exceptionally demonstrating growth and musically excelling. We are so grateful to be associated with these fantastic students and their supportive parents! Again Congratulations to Jaden Campbell! Keep up the great work!

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