GMG Student Spotlight: Jadon Emokpae

Congratulations to Jadon Emokpae, who has earned GMG’s “Student Spotlight” for December.

His piano instructor, Mr. Gray said, "Jadon has truly shown his full potential over the past 12 weeks. He has scored a perfect 100% on his End of Course Assessment for the YMU Chords & Scales Essentials Level 3 class. This class focuses on learning diminished chords and scales as well as continuing to study major and minor chords and scales. To give some insight into the importance of these elements, chords and scales are the backbones of music. Scales help create melodies in songs, and chords help create the harmonies in songs whether played on an instrument or singing. These chords will allow Jadon to play various songs in multiple styles of music. Jadon accomplished all of this at the age of 9 years old!"

Mr. Gray went on to say, "I would also like to acknowledge his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Emokpae. Neither parent plays the piano, but they make sure that Jadon practices by establishing a set schedule and routine for him. Mrs. Emokpae also checks with me regularly to make sure she understands what Jadon needs to focus on during the week. Jadon's consistent practice schedule is truly appreciated and encouraged. He has been a GMG student since he was five years old, and I myself began learning the piano at the age of 12 years. At the pace Jadon is going, I can only imagine where he will be at 18 and what the future holds for him!"

Jadon will be performing in GMG’s 17th Annual Winter Music Celebration, GMG's first-ever Virtual Recital premiering Dec. 19th at 2 pm. A fun fact about Jadon is that he enjoys singing while playing the piano and being outdoors exploring nature.

Our student spotlights recognize students who are exceptionally demonstrating growth and musically excelling. We are so grateful to be associated with these fantastic students and their supportive parents! Again Congratulations to Jadon Emokpae! Keep up the great work!

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