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GMG Student Spotlight: Justin Wheeler

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Congratulations to Justin Wheeler Jr. who has earned GMG's Student Spotlight for the month of April!

Justin Wheeler  Jr. is 8 years old and has been demonstrating the qualities of what it takes to be a successful piano student. His piano instructor, Kierra Gray says that he comes to class early, gets all of his assignments done on time, and has recently passed his End of Quarter Assessment on the first try. He's very eager and enthusiastic in class, and he's a very hard worker. Justin is a joy to teach and I love his passion for piano. When not playing music Justin loves playing baseball, going fishing, and riding his minibike. Congratulations Justin and keep up the good work!

GMG Student Spotlights recognize students who are exceptionally demonstrating growth and musically excelling. We are so grateful to be associated with these fantastic students and their families


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