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GMG Student Spotlight: Michael Bailey

Congratulations to Michael Bailey for being selected as the Student of the Month for December! Michael is currently 11 years old and has been a student at GMG since the age of 5. He also loves to sing and is not only a wonderful student at GMG, but also at school. Here’s what his piano instructor, Kierra Gray, had to say about him: “Michael is a great student! He comes to class on time, he completes his homework, and he’s very competitive. He’s recently been working on improving his team spirit and I can definitely see the difference. He’s more supportive of his classmates, and he celebrates their victories along with his own. He’s grown a lot this month in his piano-playing and his attitude.” 

Congratulations Michael! We would also like to say a special thank you to his mom for her service to our country! His mom serves in the Military and we absolutely love our Military families!

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