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Hard Work Pays Off

GMG Percussion student, Ayinde Lewis, has been working hard to achieve the goal of playing in the South Carolina Philharmonic Youth Orchestra. With the help of his percussion instructor, Mr. Jenkins and the support of his mom he was able to schedule extra private lessons to help him better understand and play the required audition music. the day to audition came and Ayinde and his mom said that he was nervous, but Ayinde has been preparing for this moment so he now all he could do was put forth his best effort. At the conclusion of his audition one of the judges walked out to speak to his mom and she thought to herself, “this must not be good because I didn’t see any other judges walk out to speak to a parent.” The judge went on to say that Ayinde blew their mind and that he has been selected to participate in the South Carolina Philharmonic Youth Orchestra!!! Dedication, focus and hard work truly pays off! Keep it up!

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