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Lessons Learned from Kobe and Gigi

     The tragic loss of basketball superstar Kobe Bryant and his daughter GiGi along with the other individuals really has me thinking. I wasn't really into basketball, but Mr. Gray loves it so I find myself many times sitting on the couch and watching a good game. We've had several discussions around our dinner table about the life of Kobe and his hopes for his daughter GiGi. Through this, I saw many correlations between what it takes to become a great basketball player and what it takes to become a great musician. 

     Kobe had an amazing discipline when it came to learning his craft. He had a regiment that he would stick to that consisted of daily practice. Many people view individuals who are really good in an area as being gifted, but the truth is that their skills were developed through practice. Take Michael Jordan for example, when he first tried out for his high school's varsity basketball team he didn't make the cut. They said that he was too shot and his talent was too raw but MJ didn't let this take his focus off of his basketball goals. He just worked harder until he met them. The same goes for music, if you come to a challenging part, you can't give up, but you have to just work harder to develop your skills.

     Kobe had a beautiful relationship with his daughter Gigi. He was the coach for their team and her dad. He was heavily involved in her basketball journey and it showed in their connection through the game. He was there to support her and encourage her. If you watch any of their training clips, his daughter worked hard. Although she was the daughter of Kobe Bryant, she had to condition and work to become better at the game just like her other teammates. When I look at Kierra's journey, people would say she gets her skills from her dad, and while she gets the love of music from her father, her skills were developed over time with practice and consistency. 

     My last point is that Kobe valued family. This was something that I am sure he matured into, just like we all do. But he saw how important it was for him to be present in their daughter's lives. After retiring from basketball his goal was to simply be the best dad that he could ever be. That to me is what it's all about and is one of the most important lessons we could have ever learned from his life and legacy! So enjoy every moment you have with your family and make each day count!

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