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Practice Tips

It is important to establish a practice routine with your child and that's why we have weekly practice goals that your child completes during the week. If a student doesn't practice during the six days between class they will not grow musically. At GMG our parents play an important role in establishing a practice routine at home that will aid in their musical growth.  Here are some practice tips from GMG Instructor, Kierra Gray.  One of the GMG Advantages is being able to ask questions and get feedback from your child’s instructor before the next class session. Take advantage of the fact that our lines of communication are open anytime during the six days between class. If your child doesn't understand a concept, message the instructor, or even call the office. Create a “musical space" in your home for your child where the instrument is already out, set up and ready to go. Also, when practicing get rid of distractions. Turn the TV off and really try to put forth a good 15-30 minutes of focus on the task. After you’ve tried your best during that time it’s okay to stop, even if you didn’t completely play the piece perfectly through. Don’t look for perfection, look for progress. When students submit their weekly Home Assignments it gives your child’s instructor the opportunity to assess their strengths and weaknesses.  Spread out your practice sessions throughout the week. This prevents waiting until the last moment to submit your assignment. If you spread it out, your child can benefit from feedback from his/her instructor that will help the next time they practice.  Don’t expect your child to practice on their own. Some students are self-reliant when it comes to practicing at home, while others need to know that you are very much involved. Do not prematurely expect your child to practice on his/her own. The fact that you, the parent, are lending a listening ear can make all the difference in the world!

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