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Seeing the Big Picture of Music Lessons

 Whoever said that learning to play a musical instrument is fun, did not tell the entire truth. Consequently, we don’t sell fun at GMG, we believe and know that music takes hard work, focus, dedication, commitment, and perseverance, in addition to parental involvement and a strong support system for at-home practice. However, students will have fun, but it will be the result of achieving something a student thought was once impossible.

A small percentage of students are born instant musical prodigies and many of our students work very hard to achieve their goals. At GMG, there are lessons to be taught, concepts to be learned and things to be discovered. Just like an athlete must practice and not just show up for the game, we have expectations for our students such as respect, practice and follow through. When these things are consistently exercised, they create a strong musical foundation along with life skills that will last a lifetime!

So when things get hard, because they will, just imagine the progress your child will make five or even ten years from now. We live in a society where instant gratification is everywhere, but this does not reflect the true reality of how the real world actually works. A sustained musical foundation is not created overnight, it takes time and effort from our students. At GMG we provide the tools and resources, for both our students and parents, to help build a solid foundation.

Just as a seed planted in the ground needs to be nurtured and watered in order to grow, so do our students. Growth is not an independent stage. The growth of a seed is dependent upon elements like rain, temperature, and soil. Likewise, our students’ growth is interwoven with the commitment to excellence from our instructors, consistent parental involvement and student accountability. When these factors are all in play, students who are growing as individuals and young musicians are nurtured and developed.

A student can grow as much as he or she is willing to work. Good old fashioned hard work and dedication to the task at hand is essential to seeing progress in any area. We encourage both parents AND students to stay focused on the Big Picture...growth does take time, but in the end it is well worth it!

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