What Musician Inspires You?

Hi, my name is Donnie, and I'm Mrs. Gray's younger brother. Music has always been a huge part of our family. Both of our parents play multiple instruments and I personally play the guitar.

One of my biggest musical influences is B.B. King. He is considered one of the greatest blues guitar players of all time. He is such a renowned musician that he has his own spot in the Blues Hall of Fame. The reason that I consider B.B. King one of my biggest influencers on guitar is his ability to turn the simplest of melodies into something so magical through technique alone. Whether it be through his signature vibrato or his tasteful bends, B.B. King has a sound that is all his own. Another reason B.B. King is one of my favorite blues guitarists is his voice. The way he can tell stories through his lyrics is a thing of beauty in itself. In a way, he lets out his heartaches and troubles through his songwriting, as it often goes with the blues. B.B. King is truly an amazing musician and storyteller and one of my all-time musical influences. To this day, he continually inspires me to put my entire heart and soul into my playing.

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